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Northeastern University Library was founded in 1923. After 95 years of construction, the library constantly perfects its resources system and information service system, and improves professional proficiency and service level. And now it has become a new-type university library that has abundant collections and advanced facilities and adapts to construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines.

Northeastern University Library is composed of three branch libraries and covers an area of 64210 square meters. The library on the Southern Lake Campus was put into use in 1985 with the area of 16000 square meters and Shenhe Campus library came into service in 1990 with the area of 4510 square meters. In 2017, Hunnan Campus library opened with an area of 43,700 square meters. The library has Collection Department, Circulation Department, Reading Department, Information Consulting Department, Technical Service Department, System Department, Reader Service Department and Administration Office. The opening hour of the library is 96 Hours per week. Up to now, the library has 123 staff members, and the current director is Professor Zhang Ting¡¯an.

Northeastern University Library has 3.39 million volumes, 267 foreign periodicals and 1771 Chinese newspapers and periodicals, forming the collection system with the priority of science, feature of mining and metallurgy, which includes materials, mechanical engineering, automation engineering, management engineering and social science. For more than 10 years, the library has laid more emphasis on adjusting the structure of document resources and has purchased more than 120 database platforms such as SCI, IEL, Elsevier, Ei Village, Springer Link and CNKI, including 287 large Chinese and foreign databases, which contributes to form a composite of resource system combining printed collections and electronic resources.

Apart from the Chinese collection, the library also holds significant volumes in English, Russian, and Japanese, and a small number of volumes in German, French, and Korean. The library is one of 100 libraries in China holding ¡°Chinese Reengineering Rare Books¡±. Moreover, it holds many great classical culture works, such as ¡°Si Ku Quan Shu¡±.

As the library in CERNET node, it conducted the network construction early. In 1995, OPAC and Internet in the library were connected. Afterwards, with the development of information technology, constant development of networking and digital services, the library has already realized the self-help borrowing services for the collections, promoted digital mobile services, reinforced online reading function, upgraded integrated library computer system, provided free interlibrary loan system between Hunnan and Southern Lake Campus, 24-Hours-access service to the databases and VPN long distance visit. In addition, it has been realizing kilomega networking and one hundred megabyte desktop and concurrence for thousands of people, greatly improving library¡¯s technical service support ability, ensuring that readers can conveniently and rapidly use network information resources, and providing high-quality services and support for talent cultivation, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance innovation.

The library opens the official WeChat platform(neu_lib), sets up columns of New book recommendation, Time for good book, WeChat periodical reading, WeChat test, WeChat course, Entrance season and Library guide, integrating with videos, characters, pictures, sounds and animations, promotes various services in library resources, and expands the space and time of reader service.

The library reinforces the work of subject service, focuses on individualized demands of users, provides the latest progress in the research field and cutting-edge information, and carries out multiple information consulting services including ¡°individualized recommendation of cutting-edge papers and latest research achievements¡± to the students and staff. Over the years, the library has been in charge of the teaching and research of ¡°Information Retrieval and Utilization¡± for undergraduates and graduate students.

As one of the first batch of 29 qualified Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Work Stations certificated by the Ministry of Education, Northeastern University Library Novelty Search Station provides massive advanced information service, such as science and technology novelty searching, information consulting, etc, which is not only an important part of teaching and scientific research work of the university, but also an important window to the society.

As one of the 120 patent literature service stations in the whole country, the library carries out the patent analysis services for free, which is providing more professional, authorized and convenient patent information services for teachers, students and the public, and contributing to innovation and entrepreneurship and local economic development.

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