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            Organization and Personnel

Chief Librarian: Zhang Tingan
Associate Librarian : Guo Wei, Jiang Yufei, Li Yu
Tel : 83687576

Resource Development Department:
In charge of the acquisition and cataloging of books and serials.
Department Head: Zhang Hongjun
Associate Head : Chen Yanmei
Tel :83672582 83688993

Circulation Department :
In charge of the circulation and collection of books.
Department Head: Li Yang
Associate Head: Ma Bo
Tel : 83672580

Reading Department:
In charge of the management of eight reading-rooms.
Department Head: Dong Guangqin
Associate Head: Yao Tianhong
Tel : 83672572

Automation Department:
In charge of the development and maintenance of library computer systems, the management of electronic multi-function reading-room and AV service.
Department Head: Zhang Minghao
Tel: 83672574

Retrieval and Reference Department:
In charge of international online search, CD search,hand search and interlibrary loan
Department Head: Gao Wenbo
Tel : 83672581
Fax : 23890472

Administrative Office:

In charge of the administration and general affairs of the library
Department Head: Liu Jianhua
Tel : 83677577


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